Chorale Ste Cecile - Steebrecken-Biergem-Wickreng

1. My Lord, what a Morning                                  11. Were you there, when they crucified my Lord

2. Good News, Chariots coming                           12. Every Time I feel the Spirit

3. Steal away to Jesus                                          13. Glory Halleluja

4.  Free at last                                                       14.  Oh, Peter, go ring them Bells             

5.  Deep River                                                       15.  Oh happy Day

6.  Angels rolled the Stone away                          16.  Standing in the Need of Prayer

7.  Somebodys knocking at your Door                  17.  Give me that-old-time

8.  Go down, Moses                                              18.  The marching Saints

9.  Amazing Grace                                                19.  Aint go Time to die

10. Go, tell it on the Mountain                               20.  We are marching

21.  Little Drummer Boy





Created 11/30/2011 by Paul Corti
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